Thrift Shop

 The thrift shop is open every Thursday from 9 – 11:30 a.m.

Donations of clothing, bags, shoes, kitchenware and other miscellaneous housewares are always welcome throughout the week. 

We are unable to accept, however, any large furniture, books, baby equipment (ie. strollers, car seats, booster seats) or wheelchairs/walkers.  

Please contact the Main Office at (808) 594-6446 if you have any questions.  Mahalo!

The thrift shop will be temporarily closed from 3/9 – 3/30/23.

Donations are welcome anytime.

Please contact the Main Office at (808) 594-6446 for assistance.  Mahalo!

Our History

In August 1967, the Makiki Christian Church Counseling Center was established based on the needs of our congregation for a pastoral care and healing ministry as an adjunct to the pastoral staff.  Doman Lum, Ph.D., was called to be its first psychologist/director unil 1972, when he left for further studies at Case-Western Reserve University in Ohio.  Marge Terpstra, Ph.D., wife of the late Rev. Dr. Chester Terpstra,  was a psychologist in private practice in Honolulu who was then called to succeed Dr. Lum in 1972.  The healing ministry office was located where the thrift shop and Japanese Ministry secretary’s office are currently located.  Private consultations were conducted in the inner office, while the outer area served as a waiting room for clients.

During the course of her practice, Dr. Terpstra felt that it would be most helpful if her clients were given some practical ways and opportunities by which they could be gradually “mainstreamed” to return to their normal social settings.  She proceeded to begin a small “thrift and recycling shop” in the outer area where interested clients could start to use their creative energies to organize, collect, arrange, display and sell the goods as well as interact with persons who wished to rummage through or purchase some of the goods offered.

Today, the thrift shop continues to thrive and operate at the very same location, continuing to serve the needs of the people in our church and neighboring community.  Proceeds from the sales of the thrift shop go towards the church’s Witness Board (Missions) budget.